What Being a Member Means

Our goal is to support the wonderful non-profit and charitable organizations that work at the grassroots level in the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD).  There are so many groups that are working to make our communities better, healthier, stronger places to live that don't get all the funding they need to achieve their operating goals.

We don't stop at 100 Women -- we want as many members as we can get!  The more women who become involved, the greater the impact we will have on those who live, work and play in our communities.  Join us and experience that magical feeling of knowing that you directly impacted lives for the better!  We ask that all new members commit to a year of meetings, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want -- giving back is addicting.

How 100 Women Who Care Works

Being a member of 100 Women Who Care Kamloops will be rewarding -- personally and for our communities in the TNRD. Meeting like-minded women, networking AND helping a local charity all in one night?  What could be better, right?  To keep everything running smoothly, we need to have some guidelines in which to follow.  These ensure that our members know what's going on, our charities get their donation on the night of the meeting, and everyone goes home happy and feeling great about giving back!

​Know that every region customizes the 100 Women Who Care model to suit their needs, we chose the following for Kamloops because it suits our membership.

How the 100 Women Who Care Kamloops Model Works:

  • ​If you have completed the registration form and are up-to-date with our donation commitment (a member in good standing), you can nominate a local charity of your choice.
  • Three nominated charities are randomly selected by the founders about a week prior to the meeting.
  • Upon arrival at the meeting, members check-in at the registration desk and provide their $100 donation cheque at the time of check-in.  Members then network for the first hour.  When the meeting begins, the three charities are given five minutes to provide a speech (no powerpoint presentations or handouts) to our members at the meeting outlining how they plan to use the donation if they are the chosen recipient.
  • Every member in good standing votes by secret ballot for one of the three presenting organizations.  Members must be present in order to cast a vote (i.e. no absentee votes).  The charity with the most votes is the recipient of that evening's donation.  Based on a membership of 100 Women, that would mean a $10,000 donation to the chosen charity!  The more members we have, the greater our impact will be.  All's fair when it comes to giving back, so even if you didn't vote for the chosen charity, you have agreed to donate to them regardless. You will be sent a tax receipt directly from the organization.
  • We ask that if you can't attend a meeting, please email your regrets to 100womenkamloops@gmail.com and indicate how we can collect your donation cheque prior to the meeting.  This will ensure that the chosen charity receives their entire donation the night of the event.
  • ​The charities we give back to MUST be based in the TNRD region, be established for at least one year, and be a registered charity.  Charities that are unable to issue tax receipts, have not made it a full year around the sun, or if most of the funds are going to causes outside the TNRD, are unable to be considered for a donation.  Any organization that is nominated stays in the nomination pool until they are selected for a donation.  Once selected, that organization cannot be considered for nomination for a three-year period.
  • If there is a tie vote, the membership will vote again.  If there is still a tie after a second round of voting, we will either randomly select the charity out of a hat OR divide the donation evenly between the tied organizations.
  • Your privacy is important to us.  As such, our selected organizations promise not to give out your information to any third parties or solicit more donations from you.  They should only contact you for tax purposes related to this one donation.  If you find that this is not the case, please let us know right away so that we can rectify the situation.
  • ​While we are counting ballots, the recipient from the previous meeting gives a five-minute update on how our donation is being used.

What We're About

We want to be part of a community that believes in the spirit of giving.  Kamloops has a long and proud history of being a caring community that has fantastic, engaged citizens -- we also have great needs that aren't being met by private and public funding.  There are so many incredible, hard-working organizations that stretch every penny and every volunteer hour they can get to support our growing city.

At 100 Women Who Care Kamloops, we encourage our members to "lean in" to giving back. Driving grassroots awareness and encouraging others to get involved is important to us.  We know that everyone gives back in their own way -- some of us have time, others skills.  Our members are able to give back financially.

We encourage everyone to lean in by donating $100 every three months ($400 annually), and if they find an organization they click with, to start leaning in to volunteering their time or skills.

How We Got Started

Did you know that the 100 Who Care movement began in 2006?  To learn more about the founder and the history behind this movement, visit 100 Who Care Alliance.

Our founders in Kamloops fell in love with the simplicity of the 100 Women Who Care model and knew that it was a great fit for the women of Kamloops.  After researching other chapters and sharing our vision of how Kamloops and area could benefit by a home-grown chapter, the Hotel 540 jumped on board and committed to sponsor our meeting space beginning in the fall of 2014.



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