Other Chapters

We are one of the first 100 Women Who Care chapters in British Columbia (Kelowna and Penticton beat us to the punch).  We are extremely proud of our community and everyone who lives here.  We want to help as many people as we can!  There are many small, grass-roots not-for-profit charitable organizations operating in the Thompson Nicola Regional District.  These hard-working and dedicated organizations are providing much-needed services within our community.

The 100 Women Who Care movement is exploding across Canada, the US and around the world.  There are now 116 Chapters in Canada, 20 of which are in British Columbia.  Men, kids and teens are also beginning to jump onto this simple and effective way of giving back, with more than 50 Canadian Chapters having been established over the past few years.  There are also Chapters in other countries such as Australia, the Caribbean Islands, Ireland, Mexico, and Singapore.

For the complete list of Chapters, visit the 100 Who Care Alliance.

Thank you very much to the 100 Women Who Care Halifax Chapter for your advice and guidance as we establish a new Chapter of 100 women who truly do care!

Changing our community for the better, one woman and one dollar at a time.